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Sorry but we're






due to another positive



Covid test. 



We'll reopen when



I'm negative again.










We were CLOSED





Sunday June 19





to Thursday June 30








Friday July 1



For France!


 Sorry for the late notice -

Little Van has had a few "issues" so

we weren't sure if we could go!  







Please remember - 

As it took only a week or less for me to contract

COVID last time and given that a short time later 

a relative of a friend died from COVID, for the time being I will be insisting on proof of vaccination

for all my customers.

No proof of vaccination = No beer.


This has nothing at all to do with some bizarre

interest in prying into your personal data/health/interests. I won't be sharing the information.  It is simply the only

thing I can do to try to reduce the risk to my

customers and myself.  Apart from anything else,

I can't afford to keep closing and reopening.

I hope you understand.


If anybody has any better suggestion, I'm all ears.

If your only objection is on privacy grounds then yes,

I understand the argument but unfortunately

I'm far more concerned about safety.


I'm also sticking to allowing






so capacity will be limited.

There will be no reservation system -

it will be first-come first served.

















1. If you never open a micropub, you'll never have a successful micropub.


2. There is no "formula". It is your baby and what everybody else has done should have little bearing on your setup.


3. Until you have identified your premises, there is no point in trying to sort out details. Everything and anything can be changed by your choice of premises - beer quantities, toilet facilities, furniture, cooling, insurance, the lot. Quit worrying about all that lot and get on with finding somewhere to operate.


4. We get numerous requests for help and information from people who are planning to create a micropub. Although we want micropubs to flourish and we are happy to assist where we can, the basics are down to you and your personality, budget, lifestyle, location, etc. 


5. Please don't contact us for help and information at least until you have identified suitable premises, made contact with the owners, received initial approval from the owners, been inside the premises and have full details of the premises (layout, water supply, energy supply, square footage, restrictions, etc.) As stated above, premises are key to most of the decisions to be made and until you've reached this stage, your micropub is still only a pipedream. Once you have premises, you'll receive a far more constructive response to any contact you make.


6. If you contact us without taking any notice of the point (5), you will receive a pretty negative response, if any.


7. Once you have your premises, feel free to get in touch - we'll be happy to help, if we can!




The Rat


To contact the Rat, please email us at:


Please don't send us spam - it will be reported and blocked, thrown in the bin and ignored.

We will also put you on our list of businesses we won't do business with. 


If you want to do business with us, please come to the pub and have a chat.

If that's too much trouble, you're probably not the type of company we want to do business with!



To visit the Rat, please head for:

Rat Race Ale House

Hartlepool Railway Station

Station Approach


TS24 7ED


In the event that the above methods of communication are unsuitable, ultimately you can speak to the Rat on:

07903 479378

Please don't use this number unnecessarily. It isn't there to allow you to contact pub customers.

Cold-calls won't get any business; you will simply be put on our blacklist.


We don't do business with spammers or cold-callers.

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