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Unfortunately, my Internet host appears to have deleted the beer history from the old website and I can't find a way to do a list like I used to. For the time being, I'll go for the basic option...




19 JULY 2021 UPDATE...



The current relaxation of the COVID regulations


would be sufficient to reopen The Rat.


However, the lease expires on August 18 and 


we have yet to see any sign of a renewal.


It will take an investment of several thousand to


reopen, so until a lease renewal is achieved, 


reopening is not an option.





Of course, there's every chance that by the time 


the lease is sorted, we may be back in lockdown.





Remember when life was "normal"?




Fret not.  The Rat will return.

Updated: 09/07/2020   17:30

Theoretically, when we reopen (whenever that is), we may have...

1. Stonehenge- Spire Ale - 3.8%

2. Wily Fox - The Fox Hat - 4.2%

3. Great Heck - Shankar IPA - 5.9%

4. Redwillow - Breakfast Stout - 5.6%

5. Lilley's - Wild Dog Dry Cider - 7.5%

6. Abrahall's - AM Medium Cider - 6.0%



1. Three Brothers - DDH Pale - 4.0%

2. Five Points - Citra Pale - 4.2%

3. Tapped Brew Co. - Hodgson IPA - 5.0%

4. Five Points - Railway Porter - 4.8%

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